Monday 27 November 2017

The Video Page

Enjoy the compiled Trailer Videos of the various activities that we had during the Vietnam Overseas Learning Journey.

Performance Preparations 1

Performance Preparations 2

Day 1 - Arrival in Vietnam & City Tour

Day 2 - CuChi Tunnel/CuChi Village & Dinner at Tandoor Restaurant

Day 4-School Immersion Programme@Doan Thi Diem Primary School

Singapore Town Performance By EDP pupils

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Day 4:Postcard Delivery & Ben Thanh Market

Our pupils headed back to the Saigon Post Office to send their postcards to their families and loved ones back in Singapore.Do expect to receive the postcards within 2 weeks time. We are quite sure the arrival of postcards will be bundled together with the wonderful sweet memories of this Overseas Learning Journey in Vietnam.👏🏼

Look out for our postcards in the letter box okay,Mum & Dad?

After that, our final stop will be Shopping experience at Ben Thanh Market. The pupils were so looking forward to this exciting shopping experience!

Sergio was elated to be able to his fidget spinners collection

Kennese checking out the price for her favourite backpack

Can I get that?...Pls gimme cheap,cheap,cheap cheeaaaap price.

Everyone is deep in thoughts & spoiled for choices

Ms Rejini doing her very best at bargaining

Very happy with their purchases

Ms Rejini spotted a sale..

Even drinks can be bargained. Mr Jahan still looking for things to bargain for..

Going back to SG soon..

Outside Ben Thanh waiting for the bus

The Teachers-in-Action Page

This trip would not have been possible without the teachers effort & hard work.So this is just a page to show our appreciation to the accompanying teachers for this trip(either showing them in action or enjoying themselves as well).

Recce Trip, Sept 2017:

Meeting with 1 of the 3 schools of choice

Day 1:

Ms Rejini is very efficient:posing for both her selfie & the person taking this photograph

So cute..

Looks like Mr Sani is finding it hard to keep himself  awake

Ms Lim also trying hard to keep herself awake this morning😄

That’s not the toilet Ms Rejini..

Mr Sani demanding for his Nasi Lemak

Ms Lim is loving Vietnam..☺️ about Nasi Ayam?Don’t Vietnam have Nasi Ayam?

So happy that Lunch is here..

Mr Ali planning his holiday travel route early..

Ms Lim working hard to serve the pupils their drinks..

Arisha & Chloe had to console Mr Sani to give up his breakfast demands..🤣

Ms Chia met her long lost family in Vietnam

Day 2:

Brian:”Mr Ali, can you please help me scratch here?”

Did I take my hotel card before I come down?

Marilyn Monroe fan pose by Ms Chia

I thought we were going jogging today?

Yes, Ms Rejini, jogging it is..

Which way is the nearest shopping centre?

Ms Lim’s quick response to save Evon from fallinng into a Vietnamese trap😁

Ah why didn’t anybody tell me we r coming to a jungle?

Ms Reena was shocked to see her group of pupils grow up so fast..😋

What’s my handphone password?

Can you please tell me what brand of mosturiser you are using for such smooth skin?

Guess whose shoe is this?The most hardworking teacher it must be..

Are you sure we can plant our durian trees here?

Mr Ali found a hidden Alien spacecraft

I should have planted them all in a single row...

Okay,where did I put my slippers?

Anyone saw my glasses?

I am as vintage as this war tank so u can take my photo too.

On duty regardless of wet weather

Why didn’t I get the prawn paste

Mr Sani regretted not bringing his brooms for area cleaning
Day 3:

I must buy..

Photo in a photo..

You better smell it goooood, Mr Jahan!

Mr Ali got interviewed by a tourist

An injured eye medic attending to the other injured soldier.

Mr Jahan: Everybody better put on the Viet Cong hat for debrief now!

...yes, I mean Everybody..

....i meaan Everyyyybbboooddyyyy!

Day 4:

With the PA system teacher-in-charge i.e. like Our Ms Eng Cui Shan

London meets Bollywood

Boy: I give you 10 seconds to answer my question.

Mr Jahan serenaiding and mesmerising the pupils with a song from his time.🤣

Pr 5.1 form teacher

With teachers from Vietnam and 1 from Bollywood

Mr Ali:”I will need to call your parents!”

Karaoke anyone?

Mr Ali found his match

Planning out the photos for the blog

Lovely teachers from Vietnam & Singapore

Gimme a High-10!

.....and a hug!🤣

Mr Sani doing his Robot dance.😂